Fire Awareness Training

Fire Awareness Training is designed to satisfy the legal requirement for every member of staff to have received some form of fire training.

Fire Awareness Training has been proven to save lives!

Our comprehensive and fully compliant Fire Awareness Training course will give you and your staff all the information needed to ensure you have an understanding of the combustion process, as well as an awareness of fuels and ignition sources, and will leave attendees knowing exactly what they need to do in the event of a fire.

Your Awareness Training will include:

  • An introduction to fire

We deliver a hard-hitting introduction to fire to explain just how fast moving and devastating it can be.

  • The chemistry of fire

This unit covers the elements of combustion and explains the meaning of the ‘fire triangle’. Attendees will also learn the types of fuels that contribute to a fire, products of combustion and how fire spreads.

  • Classification of fire

We discuss how the types of fires are classified and how this information is important when selecting an extinguisher. We also discuss what valuable information firefighters need to help them tackle a fire effectively when they arrive.

  • Fire extinguishers and their use

We discuss the different types of extinguishers, how to quickly read the labelling and select the correct extinguisher for the fire. We also look at the skills of how to tackle and extinguish a fire.

  • Practical fire extinguishing skills

We understand the importance of physical practice, so during each course we give every candidate the opportunity to fight a real fire using our fire training rig and a selection of fire extinguishers.

Make the right choice, right now, to keep your business compliant and your team safe.

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