Fire Consultancy Experts at your side

At Synergy we work confidently and competently as part of your existing team - we believe that's what makes the difference.

Our range of consultancy services is tailor-made to give you exactly the right level of support you need. From the smallest to the most complex of premises and businesses, we can work with you on anything from a simple fire safety policy through to in-depth strategy documents for complex, multi-site installations, whether you’re fully operational or still at the planning stage.

We’re here to guide you – our expertise can put you in the picture and save you time and money.

Embarking on the installation of a life safety system can involve you in many products, services, installation plans and quotations.

But how do you know what you need - what you don’t - and whether you’re paying a fair price for it?

Honest, expert and unbiased opinion is what you need to cut through any potential salesperson’s head scratching, sharp intakes of breath and sales patter.

Here’s how we make sure it’s right for you, in 5 easy steps:

  1. We make sure you only get what you need – no more, no less
  2. We make sure the quotes you receive are like for like
  3. We make sure you’re dealing with the right suppliers
  4. We make sure the equipment you choose is fit for the job and of the right quality 
  5. We make sure that all the steps add up to peace of mind and complete compliance

We understand your bigger picture

We understand that every business is different and you may need us to organise and manage your life safety systems, as well as give you expert guidance on what you need.

We know the whole process of installation and ensuring ongoing compliance can be time consuming. We also know that your team has to be trained properly and your business needs to keep running smoothly, with minimum interruption.

There are huge benefits for our clients in leaving the safety project management to us - including Health and safety assurance, quality workmanship and minimum fuss.

Why not try our ‘Competent Person’ service?

Have you ever felt you needed the reassurance of an extra ‘team member’ to take care of all your compliance and updates? This is where our experience can really make a difference to you every day.

As part of our extended range of services we offer a ‘Competent Person’ service. With this you can enjoy the benefits of our expert advice and assistance all year round.

  • It all starts with your risk assessment to create the right action plan, guide you through the processes and keep you on track
  • Attending and carrying out a fire evacuation
  • Updating you on changes in legislation that may impact on your business
  • Our support an attendance at any enforcement visits by the local Fire & Rescue authorities.
  • Annual risk assessment reviews carried out for you by BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors
  • Safety sorted – compliance assured.

Just talk to us to get the exact support you need. Our business is here to help your business. 

Call us now on 0843 658 1310 or click here to send an email.