They've reduced our admin time & costs and increased our brand performance


PWP Fire & Security specialise in providing all aspects of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire and security systems which are tailored to individual businesses or properties.

Customers benefit from a 24/7, 365 days a year engineer call-out facility, with out-of-hours, on-site emergency response if necessary.


As a fire and security provider, the company wanted to provide clients with risk assessments and training to ensure they comply with current legislation. The challenge was to train the company’s 150-plus employees.


PWP Fire & Security said Synergy has a professional and well-renowned track record in offering the services needed. PWP also said Synergy staff always add the personal touch to the customer service they offer. Synergy offered the PWP team fire risk assessment services, project management, fire safety training and fire consultancy services.


PWP’s clients are now compliant with all the relevant statutory fire and safety regulations.

Synergy and PWP’s partnership has also resulted in more interest from additional customers following glowing recommendations about the risk assessments already completed.

PWP has seen an increase in customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

Customer Comment...

Synergy is a very professional company with a fantastic knowledgeable and skill set. The quality and attention to detail in their reports is second to none. They communicate really well, explaining every detail of the reports which in turn provides a fantastic customer experience, on time, every time.

Synergy has reduced our admin time by producing excellent comprehensive risk assessments which result in reduce admin costs and increases our brand performance.

We would always recommend Synergy to any of our clients based on their current and past performance.

Ian Jarvis, Director