The service is prompt and their aftercare is excellent!


Wilkins Vardy is a well-established and thriving Chesterfield based estate agency employing 24 people over three sites.


The company needed fire risk assessments carrying out on their premises and to ensure that all their staff received comprehensive fire safety training.


Synergy Fire Engineering carried out fire risk assessments resulting in the installation of a comprehensive fire alarm system, and bespoke training was provided to meet the organisations needs and to make the company fully compliant with fire safety regulations.


Working with Synergy Fire Engineering resulted in the Directors, Managers and staff having a much better understanding of the importance of fire safety including an appreciation of what records must be kept. Staff are now fully aware of the management's intention to provide a safe working environment. Wilkins Vardy now have nominated Fire Wardens and a fully installed and legally compliant fire alarm system. The knowledge and information provided by Synergy saved the customer valuable time and enabled them to implement fire safety requirements quickly and with the least disruption.

Customer Comment...

Synergy Fire Engineering responded quickly to our enquiries and attended all three of our offices, providing detailed feedback after each visit. The company's aftercare is excellent! Queries that arise are dealt with promptly with advice and suggestions and we are now confident that the necessary policies and procedures are in place for the future. 

We would definitely recommend Synergy Fire Engineering.

Paula Towndrow, Director / Company Secretary