Keep your colleagues safe from fire this Christmas

22nd December, 2016

The festive season is a time to celebrate at home but also at work. As the hand-me-down Christmas trees, foil decorations and battered old lights are unpacked for another year of festivities, it's one of the most important times of the year to ensure you're colleagues are protected from potential fires. 
While Christmas decorations can make your office look cheerful and inviting during the cold winter months, they can also be dangerous. 
Sadly, the incidents of fires often rise during the festive season, caused by poor quality Christmas lights and a general lack of fire safety awareness.
Here are our top 8 tips to help you stay safe this festive season:
1. Change those dangerous old lights for new LED lights, which are far safer. As LED lights generate less heat, there’s less of a fire risk when they’re placed near real or artificial tree foliage, tinsel or hanging decorations.
2. Don’t use a real tree - they can be incredibly dangerous. Real trees may smell amazing and look rustic and festively seasonal. But a burning tree can rapidly fill a room with fire and deadly gases. A Christmas tree fire can ignite and cause devastation in under a minute. Visit YouTube for a scary example of this.
3. Christmas decorations tend to be made of combustible material, so keep them away from lighting and heating vents.
4. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will look good anywhere! So make sure it wouldn’t potentially be in the way of your escape route if a fire did occur in your office. 
5. It is important to read all the instructions you receive with your Christmas tree, lights and decorations so you know how to protect yourself from fire hazards. It’s also important to ensure all fire safety signs are still easily visible and not covered with decorations.
6. Never leave your Christmas lights on overnight – switch them off before you leave the office. Why not task someone with this specific job to ensure it’s always done?
7. Ensure you have your lights and any electrical decorations PAT tested so you can decorate your office in style without worrying about any health and safety hazards.
8. Make sure decorations are only displayed in an area under the direct control of staff. So if anything does go wrong, the problem can be dealt with quickly and safely.
You can contact us for more information about fire safety in your office this Christmas. 
Have a safe and happy Christmas!

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